Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Successful Goddess Gathering!

Goddess of Love/Passion Marquetta Dupree taken by Jill Hendrix
The Goddesspell ensemble is producing and participating in goddess workshop/retreats as one of the beginning steps of creation.  This experience gives us an opportunity to play with goddess archetypes helping us to personally discover and embody aspects of our divine feminine, to deepen our relationships and ability to collaborate, and to spark ideas for show material!  We invite ALL women to come play with us (thanks to our beautiful participants- Sarah, Wendy, Sara, Lin and Juliana)!!!

Yesterday we held our Goddess of Love (A Workshop For Women Who Want to Ignite Their Passion).  The above picture is of Goddesspell ensemble member, Marquetta, who participated in personally embodying her goddess of passion (as we all did!) while Jill, who facilitated half of the workshop, took pictures.  We had such a great time dressing up, adorning ourselves (and helping each other) with scarves, hats, temporary tattoos, glitter, makeup etc. . .laughing lots!!  The Goddess of Love and Passion was definitely in the room!!!  And we DANCED!

I facilitated the more contemplative first half of the workshop using the first four sections of Oriah's declaration "The Invitation" as inspiration (which I will write out in a separate post for you to check out- it's so powerful and inspiring!).  We discussed each section and then I led some guided meditations appropriate to each section we were dealing with.  Some of the meditations involved writing in our journals and one had us up and moving.

The day was sooooo absolutely delightful and insightful!  I wished we could have gone on for a couple more hours actually.  There were a  few tears, lots of laughter, and BIG hugs. . ..can't wait for the next Goddess Gathering in March!!!  This next time we will focus on the Goddess of Compassion archetype as personified in Quan Yin, White Tara and. . .well, we'll see what comes up as we sit with with this archetype!!!  Hope some of you can join us!


  1. Sounds like it was fabulous!!! Love the pictures and the new blog!

  2. Thanks Christine!!! Hope to play with you soon!