Friday, June 13, 2014

Kali Mask Miracle!

So, I posted the link to this blog on Facebook and a friend of a friend saw the last post about Kali and then messaged me about this fantastic Kali mask that she has and is willing to loan me!!!  What a great affirmation from the goddess!
She informed me that the creator of this mask is Lauren Raine and gave me the link to her website which shows other goddess masks she has created.  I contacted Lauren to tell her how much I loved her work and how excited I was to work with her Kali mask.  She sent me the link to a video that shows some of her work with the goddess masks. ENJOY!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Bring Kali On!

It's been over a month since I have posted any Goddesspell related writings!  But I have definitely been continuing my Goddesspell adventure.  At the end of April, I was extremely busy organizing gifts to take over to the Bright Nepal girls from their godparent (sponsors) in anticipation of delivering them in person this month.  I started the Godparent Program at the end of last year and so, of course, I'm also the volunteer coordinator of it.
I started off my travels in India at the beginning of May- Calcutta or Kolkata (as the Indian's call it) specifically visiting a very famous Kali temple.  The climax of Goddesspell is Kali's entrance- it's the most pivotal and transformative scene of the whole show right now. . .so this visit was important to me.  Also, in the promo concert, A Touch of Goddesspell that I will being putting together this summer, I will be taking on Kali via mask in a vignette- so I felt like I needed to experience some kind of transmission.  I was not disappointed.

The day we visited was blazing hot and in order to go into the temple complex which was quite large and had a huge courtyard it was required to take shoes off.  OUCH!  The ground was burning hot- how appropriate for the goddess that represents the fire that burns away the old, making room for the new- that represents the death that has to happen before the rebirth/transformation.  The Indians had laid down some burlap paths but they did not cover all the areas necessary nor did they totally protect one's feet from the heat.  Anahata (who opened the door to our travels and is Goddesspell's musical director), literally started screaming and fell while trying to climb some steps- due to her feet burning.  Two men ran to help her to the top, bringing her to a shady spot.  She was completely rattled by the situation and told me she could not make it back without shoes.  I ran back to try and retrieve the shoes and as I went to the entrance the guards were distracted as a very elderly woman had been delivered on a gurney . . .she was obviously dead.  After some discussion, two men picked her up and walked by me, I was stunned and then as I looked at her face I noticed that it was completely peaceful and had a smile on it.  She was beautiful and I was moved by the beauty that death can be- another message of Kali's!!!

I was never able to get shoes to Anahata but we eventually were able to find our way back out of the temple complex after having made our offerings and given our respects to Kali.  At times, I actually had to expand my consciousness beyond my body in order to rise above the burning sensation on my feet -from this state I felt relatively little pain in comparison. Eventually, we actually found our way back to a set of stairs that led from the temple to the Ganges River where we both soaked our scorched feet.. . .reborn for sure!  I definitely feel like my fear of death/dying/destruction has been transformed and I have gained a much deeper appreciation for the power and energy of Kali- the catalyst for rebirth. . .not to be feared, but to be welcomed no matter how difficult it feels to our ego- that part of us the clings to the old and familiar.  Jai Kali- Ma!

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