Friday, July 11, 2014

Timing is Everything!!!

If you put the word "Wildwood Flowers" into Google images and scroll down a ways, you will find this image of the show about June Carter that I conceived, co-created and produced in 2005.  There were two subsequent productions in North Carolina thanks to Gina Stewart who played the role of Mama Maybelle.  The last production in 2007 won Creative Loafing's Musical of the Year award in Charlotte, NC thanks in part to the brilliant performances of Gina and Pamala Bob who played June Carter.  Why haven't you heard of this show????  Well, there are several reasons and one of them is timing. .  . also my lack of true, clear leadership and effective communication etc etc. . . . .and then I could say all of those things actually boiled down to ego/fears.   But let's talk about timing!

I pushed for a big show before it was ready to be a big show.   I made a lot of mistakes in doing this and ultimately as a result I buried it in the ground prematurely.  I vowed when taking on "Goddesspell" that I would not do this. . .that I would listen.  . . that I would be more intuitive in the process. . .go with the flow. . .not push . . .not force. .which is DANG hard for someone who has had a record of getting impatient with process and has tried to get away with skipping steps (and mostly gotten away with it - at least on the surface level).

As of this summer, I have a friend who really wants to take on the job of getting a production of "Wildwood Flowers: The June Carter Musical" up in Myrtle Beach which would actually be a perfect place.  I gave her the outdated website address so she could peruse it and get a feel for the initial production.  I also decided to peruse it myself and noticed a link to an old bio, pressed it and read it.  I was actually astonished to find that I mentioned Goddesspell in that bio because it was probably written in 2007- that's 7 YEARS AGO!!!! . .when it was barely a seed of an idea.  I thought "OMG,have I been sitting with this idea that long?!!!"  Yes, it's true and through the years I've gathered lots of information, gotten inspired ideas, transformed my ideas about the show several times, and most importantly transformed my life.  SO am I ready to birth this baby???  The answer is. . . . .sort of.

I've become very clear the past few days that there is still work I need to do personally to truly be ready to take a leadership position in creating this musical- in collaboration with other artists which has been my vision for the past 5 years.  BUT I do know that I am ready to birth "A Touch of Goddesspell" and that is what will be happening over the next 6 or so months.  I will be creating a promotional performance piece/concert with Anahata (musical director) - sort of a commercial for Goddesspell that will be performed by myself and Anahata and a few additional players when available, as much as possible, in as many places as possible next year.  And in the meantime, I will be continuing to grow and expand in the ways I need to in order to help birth the actual musical (and I'm sure the other key players will be doing the same).   I'm feeling really good about this movement even if it's just a step. . .  and being ok with this step. .well, THAT is big progress for me.

AND Speaking of steps!!!  I received an project assistance grant from Alternate Roots for $2000 to help create a promo CD for Goddesspell.  . . .so here we go!  BIG thanks to. . .