Monday, September 22, 2014

MAP- ping for Money

So a couple weeks ago, I found out about a grant from The Map Fund that would potentially pay up to 30% of the costs of what I'm calling the  "Goddesspell Workshop Performance" project.  BUT I would have to have a non-profit fiscal sponsor to apply and I dropped my previous fiscal sponsor based out of NYC this past May with the idea that I would apply via the Atlanta based arts organization, C4.  C4's sponsorship is project based and so I recently filled out an application for approval for this particular project and on my birthday last week,  I was informed that my project has been accepted for fiscal sponsorship!  Yee-haw!!!

The great thing about having to fill out the C4 application is that it really forced me to think about my plan for this project and come up with a feasible time line and budget for implementation.  I also made the mistake of thinking that the number of characters they required per question was the number of words- SO I put a lot more time, effort and thought into writing responses than I actually needed to.  But ultimately that was a good thing because once I got approved and my MAP grant account was set up online, I found I had basically already gathered everything I needed to fill out the letter of intention with relatively little tweaking. . . so it was really like killing two birds with one stone (there has got to be a better way of describing this act!!).  Regardless of whether I get this particular grant or not, this whole process has really lit a fire under my ass (ditto!) so I'm super grateful for this little adventure within this Goddesspell journey!

SO, I'm putting it out there now!  In general, this how I've mapped things out:
Fall 2014- continue creating promotional material (Goddess Gear and recordings for promo CD); plan and book"A Touch of Goddesspell" (promo concert) which will tour (in conjunction with running an online crowd funding platform) late spring-summer 2015
January -Sept 2015- 9 months of one day/month workshops with collaborating artists to experiment and flesh out ideas for the Goddesspell vignettes and video montages (individual work outside of workshops is ongoing)
October 2015- 2 week intensive workshopping material/rehearsal followed by a weekend of performances (video taped) each of which is followed by feedback sessions from audience members and invited professionals.

I intend this unfolding with relative ease and grace, a whole lot of passion, FUN and plenty of money to make it happen!!!
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(It helps potential producers/investors to see interest!)
THANKS!!! and LOVE!!!