Monday, February 09, 2015

The Revolution of LOVE!

So, I have been distracted by the creation of a new arrangement of "Women in the World" which will be a recording and hopefully eventually creating a music video of to use as one of our promotional tools for "Goddesspell".  We (The Pacha Mamas AKA Touch of Goddesspell core ensemble!) are getting ready to perform the piece for the first time at The Revolution of Love (a benefit concert that I have put together for Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence)- a One Billion Rising Event in Atlanta!!!  So if you are in the area, come out and see us (there are lots of great restaurants in the area including Sufi's A Taste of Persia!!!).  You can buy $15 tickets here!!! Otherwise they are $20 at the door.  Parking is $5 in the deck behind the building with a voucher from the theatre.