Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Hair" with Goddesses

So, I watched this 30 min video of Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologue author, One Billion Rising founder) giving a talk at the Bioneer Conference.  She is intense!!!  At times, she shows her (what I call) "righteous anger" which can at times be a turn off unless you really understand she has been in the trenches with women around the world.  BUT if you hang in there to get the fullness of her message, it is so POWERFUL and the reason for the season. . wait a minute. . . reason I feel passionate about this project and it's underlying message.  BUT make no mistake, Goddesspell is NOT heady or intense overall (there are a few moments ;-) - it is full of heart.  As I wrote to a friend just today: 
This is definitely not a traditional piece of theatre and it is very musically driven.  It's not very heady at all really(on the surface). . . it's meant to get to the heart via the experience- as a whole- via ALL the senses but not to the exclusion of thought provoking ideas via what dramatic action there is.  There is definitely an element of comedy- a must!!- but it's not a comedy and the end of the show is co-created with the audience- after a certain sense of community is established.  For me the bottom line is always seeking to be inspired by the divine and trusting that if I make choices from that place in guiding the creation of Goddesspell that others will be inspired by the work as well.

AND I LOVED his reply:
Okay, now I get it. It's Hair with goddesses instead of hippies.
Hair BTW changed my life. Never saw Godspell.
Yo go girl, 
I have never seen the musical Hair, but I'm pretty sure there is a DVD of it. . .so I guess that will be on my list of movies to watch this holiday season!

I hope you take the time to watch this video of Eve and that it helps you understand the importance of this work. . .maybe enough to help with our fundraising efforts (please click the fundraising campaign page above and help make it happen!)  DEEP thanks for your support - in whatever form it comes!!!
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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Surrendering AKA Going with the Flow

I'm listening. . ..I'm getting so good at listening and not pushing or forcing my plans!    I'm listening because I'm committed to this process coming from inspiration.

About a month ago or so, I felt inspired to adjust my idea of trying to mount a workshop performance of "Goddesspell" this next fall and instead make "A Touch of the Goddess" (AKA "A Touch of Goddesspell") preview concert sort of an ongoing workshop performance piece that will tour for almost a year before attempting a first actual production of "Goddesspell".  And then a friend turned me onto this grant that would be perfect for helping to subsidize this show as a tour during the exact time that I had envisioned!!!  So I submitted a Letter of Intention this past weekend and here is part of what I wrote, that gives clarity to the direction I'm moving in!
Describe the physical manifestation of project or program. What will the project look like? When and where will it occur? What is the duration of the exhibition or public access to the work?* (1500 Characters)
“A Touch of Goddesspell” is a scaled down sampling of what we are creating as a much bigger project called “Goddesspell” (an innovative collaborative musical celebrating the feminine spirit primarily via goddess mythology). It will be presented as a theatrical concert with four main players/performers and 2-3 guest artists who vary depending on the location of a particular performance. During the concert, the synopsis of “Goddesspell” will be creatively shared including select pieces being performed from the actual show- which will rotate/change concert to concert as part of the development process. There is an ensemble of 5 core members who are developing the key pieces but a good portion of the show is made up of goddess vignettes that will also be created from works by contributing artists of various disciplines. The concert version will act as an experiment- a way to gather new material and get feedback on what has already been created from collaborating artists and audience members. It will also act as a promotional tool for “Goddesspell”, a much more expansive venture. We plan to open “A Touch of Goddesspell” in May 2015 in Atlanta, GA and then subsequently tour the show for the next 10 months. In that time, we will have a 2-3 week mini tour on the east coast as well as another on the west coast using the connections we have all made through previous work. We will also be taking the show out on weekend trips to closer destinations in between tours.
Describe how the project or program fits the program’s mission, grant criteria, and definition of interactivity.* (1500 Characters)
One of the points of doing “A Touch of Goddesspell” tour is to collaborate with the audience and guest artists in the creation of "Goddesspell". We will be seeking ideas/feedback from our audience and inviting guest artists who already have pieces with appropriate themes to perform as part of the concert. These will be considered potential ideas/pieces to be developed into goddess vignettes for “Goddesspell”. The show itself is being developed to be a very interactive experience with moments where the audience is invited to respond to THE MOTHER character as the narrator. Participants will be planted in the audience to not only participate in isolated acts from the audience as a way of connecting everyone but also to help encourage participation at certain points, i.e. giving a hug, singing part of a song, moving, dancing etc. Towards the conclusion of the show, we are brought into real time with the issues that are present as a result of the suppression of the feminine (yin) energy in our present cultures. The cast then engages with the audience as themselves in performance forms that focus on improvisation using reflections/ideas from the audience. There are moments that audience members are encouraged to turn and talk to a neighbor as well including during a call to action- a commitment to identify at least one way in which to bring more balance into the world. In addition, we will be utilizing the internet to encourage an ongoing conversation with our audiences.

If I do get asked to submit for this most recent grant, I will have to show that I have raised at least $3000 from individual donors to be eligible to receive the grant.  If you feel inspired to help an inspired project that will be helping to transform the world at the level of SOURCE, please make a tax deductible donation here

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By the way, I did not get asked to submit a MAPs grant following that Letter of Intention I submitted a couple of months ago.  Their notification of this fact was actually very odd.  They basically wrote that my submission got the strongest ratings based on all their criteria and then told me I was not invited to submit a grant- no other explanation ??  Oh well, that letter was based on the previous plan anyway!  Moving on . . .or should I write FLOWING ON!