Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coincidences??? I don't think so!

Since filling out the MAP Fund Letter of Intention and stating once again that the specifics of the show would be created as an ensemble, I have been seriously considering the implications of this especially in light of potentially seeking grant monies.  I really started meditating on what the best scenario would be and felt like I needed to go back to my original plan of the having The Pacha Mamas (Marquetta Dupree, Vivian Slade and myself), a performance group that I started and performed with on and off for about 5 years, as the core ensemble along with Soyinka and Anahata.   But I had some misgivings as to the other Pacha Mama members level of willingness and commitment especially given that we basically broke up almost three years ago for the third time! Although we have remained friends, we rarely perform together anymore.  Despite my misgivings, one particular day I came to this deep knowing around the "rightness" of getting together to work on this project in particular.  The VERY next day I got a text from a friend in the Bay Area who has our CD who obviously didn't know we were no longer officially a group.  She was wondering when we were going to put out another CD because her clients who she plays our music for are always asking for more AND also wanted to know when we were going to come out and perform in the Bay Area again!    I "casually" forwarded the message to Marquetta and Vivian . . .Marquetta replied with enthusiasm at the idea of getting together  but no word from Vivian - at least right away. .  and I wasn't going to initiate that conversation.  BUT to my surprise, Marquetta prompted her to call and she did saying she was on board.  So there it is.  . . and here we are  . . .AGAIN!  This time bigger (with the addition of Anahata and Soyinka whenever possible) AND better- just watch us fly!!!

Now, when it comes to possible grants. . .well. . .that's another story.  Early this spring, I interviewed Heidi of 7 Stages (and wrote a blog about it) and got some ideas and feedback around the development/funding of "Goddesspell".  She mentioned the National Performance Network's Creation Fund.. . hitch is that you have to have at least 2 NPN presenting partners that "sponsor" your project (agree to contribute $2000 each and present your work within 3 years of getting the grant).  She let me know that 7 Stages would be willing to consider doing this and she suggested establishing a relationship with JuneBug Productions out of New Orleans as a possible 2nd "sponsor".   I didn't really know a thing about this company so it seemed at the time like somewhat of a shot in the dark.  BUT when I attended the Annual Alternate Roots retreat in August, lo and behold I ended up rooming with Stephanie- the artistic director of . . .. ta da!!!  JuneBug Productions.

I actually didn't get much time to talk to her then then (she came late and I left early) and once I got home, I considered emailing her to begin a dialogue about the possibilities.   Before, I had taken the time to do that . . on October 9th, I attended a performance that was part of the Imagining America conference in Atlanta and guess who was there?  Yup. . .Stephanie!  And this time I point blank told her my intention and that I wanted to make sure she saw the Goddesspell promo concert: "A Touch of the Goddess" when it's ready and out and about after the New Year.  She was super friendly, positive and open to the possibilities. GO TEAM!
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THANKS!!! and LOVE!!! Angela